Monday, April 28, 2014

The garden needs volunteers!

For various reasons, many of our previous gardeners are not returning this year.  We have a lot of space available!

We (the few who are left) have decided that instead of charging a fee to get a plot at the garden, we should offer gardening space for FREE in exchange for help.  We need people who will plant their plots to utilize the space, and also help with keeping the grass cut, etc.   We may have to do some fund-raising later on to pay the water bill, but for now we are OK.  We need people more than anything!

The majority of the garden space has been tilled and planted in rows in the past, which I feel is a very labor-intensive way of growing vegetables.  I have my plot made into no-till beds, which I find works very well for me and is much easier.  I think that part of the reason that people don't return is that they find that keeping a large tilled spot is more work than they can maintain throughout the hot summer. For this reason, I think it's a great idea to build more no-till and/or raised beds in the garden.  This will make it much more attractive in the future for those who are new to gardening but who are intimidated by the work involved in turning a patch of grassy space into a food-producing garden.

Again, to do this, we need volunteers!  

The soil at the Saint David Street Community Garden is superb (and organic!), and the majority of the garden gets full sun all day.  If you or anyone you know has been interested in growing your own organic food but don't have space, or if you are experienced and want to help (or any level of interest in between), please contact me!

Jennifer Shearin
252-578-3393 (call or text)
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Also, we would appreciate any donations of supplies, wood pallets, lots of old newspapers (mulch), lumber, bricks, rocks (anything that can be used to build borders for beds), money, plants, garden tools, a lawnmower, a rain dance, a shout-out, or whatever you have that may be useful. 

The mission of the St. David Street Community Garden is to strengthen our community and foster self-sufficiency, good health, and interaction among the people of Tarboro by providing education and gardening space for food production and sustainable gardening practices.